King Henry IV came to the throne by seizing it from the late King Richard. Feeling guilty, he planned an expedition to the Holy Land, but it never became a reality. Meanwhile, the son of King Henry IV, Prince Hal, was spending much of his time with Falstaff, a heavy drinker, causing trouble and living recklessly all the while dreaming of becoming an honorable King one day. The Earl of Northumberland, who lent his power to help usurp the throne, felt dissatisfied with his treatment and began to plan a rebellion. Harry Percy (Hotspur), the son of Earl of Northumberland, and a hot-blooded military commander, fought to restore his family’s name. There was a negotiation between the King’s side and the rebel troops, but there was no settlement. The war began, and both Prince Hal and Falstaff joined the war as soldiers. Amidst the violent battle, the two finally confronted Harry. At the end of the deadly combat, Hal defeated Hotspur, and the King’s troops were victorious.

With the death of Hotspur, the army of Northumberland reached a sad end. However, with the support of the archbishop, they devised another rebellion. At that time, Hal returned to London and ate and drank with his friends as usual. Falstaff was promoted to commanding officer due to his achievement in the war. Hal and Falstaff were to go to the battlefield again. Falstaff depended on Shallow, the judge, to recruit subordinates as soldiers. On the enemy side, the Archbishops, who came to assist the Northumberland army, fell into a trap set by the King’s side and were detained. Henry IV heard the good news that the King’s troops had won the war, but became critically ill. Hal, hearing the last words of his father, finally realized he would be succeeding the throne. Falstaff, who had been throwing a banquet with Judge Shallow, hears of the accession of the new King, and goes to the coronation to receive a reward for his friendship to Hal. In the end, what will be the result of the impending shock and what is to happen between Hal and Falstaff and their strange friendship?