London City Airport

@There are 5 airports in London, all of which have international flight services. London City Airport is the newest among them, developed in the 1980's in order to mitigate the overcrowded situation at the other 4 airports. It is located in the former dock area in the east end of London, closest to the city center among 5 airports.

@Small airliners can only take off and land here because its run-way is short. The traffic is not busy as ther are only 2 or 3 taking-offs and landings per hour. But, it is better for airliner enthusiasts to take photos. First, they can watch and take photos of airliners rarely seen in the famous big airports. Second, they can easily take photos of airliners in the sunshine because its run-way is east to west and the point to take photos is located rightly to the south of run-way. Third, there are almost no block to watch planes.

I took the above two photos in the early November, 2003. It was fine and I enjoyed taking photos very much. But, I had to give up earlier in the afternoon. Several pairs of policeperson with heavy machine-guns were making patrols, giving me a penetrating glance. They were on duty against terrorism. I really understand that my hobby can be allowed only in the peace world.