Two Old Military Plane‚“

If you were highly enthusiastic Japanese about airplanes, you could not believe the photos were real.  Two aircrafts are old Yaks of former Soviet Union, taking off from a grass runaway, both of which have never seen in Japan.   We can see the planes are big enough to watch the details in the photos, without any persons or eyesores in the background.  You may know these scenes are very rare for amateur airplane cameraman.  And, the planes are staying while the background is moving in the photos.   It shows the cameramanfs facility in the taking photos, I have to say. @

Two photos were taken at an air show by me.  I do not like to see military planes so much, but sometimes I see them, particularly old ones flied by owner enthusiasts.  Actually, it is not so hard to purchase them, as the price is under 10,000, 000 yen.  The maintenance labor and cost are very expensive, however. 

The scenes may be unbelievable for Japanese, but popular for enthusiasts here.   It is why I love air show in European countries.