In recent years numerous new ways of thinking have emerged within social science research. One of these, discourse research, is an elaborate mixture of a diverse number of differing perspectives and methodologies. Such diversity has resulted from the very enaturef of the field and its interdisciplinary origins in the social sciences, psychology, humanities, linguistics and philosophy. Nevertheless, it is this enaturef that allows for the possibility of discourse approaches and which presents numerous analytical leads for research. Discourse as language, speech, narrative and conversation comprises of indispensable characteristics for normal everyday life and in organizations these ediscoursesf fashion the very essence of interaction. As a consequence, discourse is not merely understood as signs and symbols, but is rather perceived as a ethought patternf. When discourse takes place, it is not merely a description of a certain thing or matter that occurs, but rather the eexecution of somethingf, a esomethingf which has social implications.

The Organizational Discourse, Strategy and Change Group, through a focus on discourse, undertakes business administration research in fields such as organizational theory, strategic management theory and management psychology.