Seminar for Young Reserachers and Ph.D Students
                    25 September 2015, Meiji University                                                 

25 September,Meiji University
Call for Participants
We invite you to our seminar for young researchers and Ph.D & Master Students held on 24 September, at Meiji University. There is no participation fee. For those who want to participate in this seminar, please submit your name and affiliation contact address to

Prof. Etsuko Kastu (Vice President of Meiji University)
   Prof.Takashi Yagi (Meiji University) 
   Prof.Fernando Ferrari Filho (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)
   and other speakers

You can join International Conference on Economic Theory and Policy, held on 22-24 September at Meiji University
Please visit our September conference web:

Prof.Takashi Yagi(organizer, Meiji University),

1-1 Kandasurugadai,Chiyodaku, Tokyo 101-8301 Japan

Prof. Takashi Yagi (School Political Science&Economics, Meiji Univ)
Prof. Etsuko Katsu (Vice-President, Meiji University)
Prof.Fernando Ferrari Filho

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