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10 December 2017
Profiles of third-year undergraduate students have been added.

13 October 2017
Third-year undergraduate students have finished learning fundamentals on optical fiber communications, and will start individual research from the next week.
They had a party with fourth-year undergraduate students who have already been engaged in their research works at Japanese izakaya restaurant.

13 September 2017
Two papers were preented at IEICE Society Convention.

22 and 23 August 2017
Demonstration on optical wireless communication was carried out at Nakano Open Campus.

18 June 2017

Information for applicants (master's and doctoral programs) has been added.

5 June 2017
Site has just opened.

12 April 2017
Seven undergraduate students (third-year) joined our lab.
Welcome party was held at Italian restaurant .


5 June 2017
Site has just opened.
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